Sunday, September 23, 2007

Naming Names

Lesson 259 ~
Finish all four of these shorts. The starter will stay constant but your name will change.

YOUR NAME IS ASHLEY. START WITH: THE PLAID SHIRT...hung down to my knees and was much warmer than the tank top I hand on under it. My dad pulled it out from behind the seat of the truck when I started shivering. I love wearing my dad's shirts, makes me feel safe.

YOUR NAME IS FANNY. START WITH: THE PLAID SHIRT...was tucked in my Wranglers, my dusty boots pulled on and my old leather gloves hanging out of my back pocket. What a beautiful fall day for riding fence, I thought, as I looked up into the immense blue sky.

YOUR NAME IS TAB. START WITH: THE PLAID SHIRT...was not something I wanted to be caught dead wearing. Who do these people think I am? Some kind of dumb country boy? I can't believe my parents actually sent me to this boy's ranch in the middle of nowhere just for that little bit of trouble I got into.

YOUR NAME IS MAURICE. START WITH: THE PLAID SHIRT...that I had picked out for tonights rodeo helped me to blend in with all the other guys behing the chutes. I've been riding at the night show here for several months, but still don't quite fit in with this predominately white group of rowdy cowboys.


Blogger Mimi said...

very good
that plaid shirt changed many personalities..

12:10 PM  

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