Sunday, September 09, 2007

Circle Game

Lesson 250. September 7th, 2007.

Circle two words that appeal to you from each group: (I have capitalized my choices)

PEEP quest rotten SUNSHINE tarantula undulate

viola WEB xylophone zipper ASTRONAUT barracuda

calliope desert elegant finesse GERMAN HYSTERICAL

Use these six words in a story. Start with:

I WAS COMPLETELY CAPTIVATED, LIKE An ASTRONAUT on her first trip to the moon as I crouched down to peer into the nestbox. The little banty hen had been sitting on her eggs for what seemed like a lifetime to me, but just now, I thought I had heard a tiny PEEP coming from that direction. Reaching in, acutely aware that my hand was about to be pecked harshly at any given minute, I felt under the hen until my fingers touched the softness of chick down. How exciting this is, I thought. Our very first farm babies. I had began to think that this nest was a dud, but the warm SUNSHINE of the last few days must have helped the mother hen along.

I silently thanked my GERMAN-bred Grandmother for running me out of the house. Grandma was visiting us on our Kansas farm for the week. She had gone into the pantry to fetch some applesauce for the pork chops and had run right through a large sticky spiders WEB, the Daddy Long Legs still attached. I ran for the barnyard so as to get as far away from her HYSTERICAL rantings as possible. Thanks, Grandma, for getting into that nasy web. Like Mom always says, everything happens for a reason.


Blogger Mimi said...

I feel like I am taking the lessons right along with you... I look forward to your lesson each day...

2:54 AM  

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