Monday, September 03, 2007

First Grade ***

Lesson 246
You are a first grader. Write from this perspective. Be inventive and playful! Give yourself a name with these initials, then fill in the blanks for the other items:
N__________ K___________ H____________
Natalie Kaye Hammerhead

A Nickname: __________________ (Nattie)
Eye color: __________________ (Brown)
Hair color: __________________ (Chestnut)
Siblings' ages/names: _________ (Jamie,9; Danny,3)
How you treat them: ____________ (I'm the buffer between them. They fight a lot.)
How they treat you: ____________ (I'm pulled between the two, wanting everybody to be happy)
Favorite food: ________________ (Bologna)
Thoughts on school: ___________ (I'm a little scared, but excited to go!)

Start with:

Here I am, the first day of first grade...
walking to school with my big sister, Jamie. I'm wearing a new dress that my Mama bought for me at Sears and my brand new shiny red shoes. I like to watch my pretty shoes and hear the clickety-clack sound they make when I trot along the sidewalk.
"Nattie. Hurry up," Jamie yells from up ahead. "I don't want to be late." She doesn't want to be seen with a first grade baby either. She's the one who made us late, I scowl to myself. Jamie's new first day of school dress was yellow with a really pretty silk sash around her middle. We were standing in the kitchen watching Mommy fill our lunch boxes with bologna sandwichs. Danny, our baby brother, had found my hidden color crayons and after coloring on the wall he colored on Jamie's sash. She was even wearing it when he did. I laughed right out loud. It was funny and Danny didn't mean to make Jamie cry. She's the one who acted like a baby, but I hurry to catch up, singing loudly as I go. "This is the song that never ends..."


Blogger Mimi said...

very well done... are you going to finish the story?

7:38 AM  
Blogger Mimi said...

I forgot to add... can I come back to see what happens?

7:38 AM  

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