Friday, June 30, 2006

The Messy Locker

By Dustin- 7th Grade English

As Tod screamed for help the locker kept...Sorry, I am getting ahead of myself. This story started about three weeks ago at the beginning of school. Tod Jankins was just starting at Livingston Elementary School. He was starting fifth grade. He had heard rumors about locker 163 that it was haunted by a messy ghost. They say that the locker eats people too, but Tod was to smart to believe that.

As the day went by the kids started getting their lockers 1...2...3... Tod got locker 182 but when he opened it, there was mold in it. He went to the teacher and told her there was mold in it. So the teacher changed his locker to number 163. So he got his stuff and headed there. When he got thre he asked for the combo. It was 7,13,1. He opened the locker and started putting his books in it. When he put the last book in he heard a moaning in his locker. Now this scared him so much that all his muscles just tensed up so he could not move. Tod stood there for five minutes then slammed the locker shut and ran for his life.

The next day Tod went to his locker and opened it slowly. When it was opened he stared. All his books, pens, papers, and markers were everywhere. Tod decided he needed to get to the bottom of this after class. After class Tod ran to his locker and opened it to see a old newspaper dated 1969. That was thirty years ago! Then he spotted a hole. Se he stuck his hand in the hole to feel around. Tod felt something grab him. "Help" Tod screamed. Teacher came to help and pulled Tod's hand out. He went to go get a flashlight from his room to see what was in the hole. It turned out to be two sixth graders.


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