Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Corner Pocket

Lesson 248:
Finish this story-
Start with "He hustled everyone who came into Mort's Billards except..."

I had difficulty with this one today and don't really like how it turned out but here it is anyway ~

He hustled everyone who came into Mort's Billards except Chung Lou, the ancient Oriental herb peddlar who lived in his building. Leroy wasn't scared of much but the shadows he saw pass by Chungs windows and the eerie sounds that shook the walls on certain nights really frightened him. There was just something spooky and strange about that guy.

Leroy was standing at the bar, Michelob in hand, just waiting for the next sucker to walk through the door. Rent was due and he needed a quick game or two to set himself straight with his slumlord. As the dingy door of Mort's swung open, Leroy turned his head to see whose money he would be pocketing tonight. A smile spread slowly across his wide face as he sized up the newcomers. He had not seen them here before and they looked like just what he had ordered, a bit cocky, pumped up and full of their 22 year old selves. This would be an easy take.

"Hey guys. Welcome to Mort's. Getcha a beer?", Leroy grinned. "Either of you shoot pool? It's a bit slow around here tonight."

A chuckle passed between the boys as the dark haired kid answered. "Uh, yah." Reaching for a pool cue, he shouted to the bartender, "Get us a couple of Bud's."

The first twenty spot hit Leroy's hand with a satisfying smack. Seems it was going to be an early night, just as he had predicted. The second kid stepped up to shoot game number two, doubling the pot. In no time at all, Leroy has his rent money safely tucked away and was headed out the door into the swirling San Francisco mist.
Pea soup tonight, he thought to himself as he strained to see the sidewalk in front of him. In the fog he seemed to see shadows moving silently along, matching him step to step. Strange noises filled the air. A chill ran down Leroy's spine and he was frightened as he had not been in ages. He walked just a bit faster, telling himself it was all in his head. Nothing is out there.

A homeless woman stumbled over the body, screaming as she saw the look of terror in the dead Leroy's staring eyes. Up ahead, a tiny elderly Chinese man slipped quietly around the corner, this months rent tucked up his sleeve.


Blogger Mimi said...

Wow, what a revolting turn of events that one took... very good though... it kept me glued to find out what happened...keep it up

8:09 AM  

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