Monday, September 17, 2007


Lesson 256 - Sept 12th, 2007:
1)Write a religious trait/observation you associate with a parent or sibling:
Early morning prayer and Daily Guidepost reading
2)Write about a food a childhood friend ate and the funny way they ate it:
Bubble gum off the sidewalk
3)Write something a teacher always wore/wears that's unique to them:
A silk neck scarf
4)Write a saying someone you know always says:
Moving Right Along
5)Create a name using the initials S and P:
Sally Peterson
You've created a character with these four traits. Write from their point of view. Start with - I WISH I COULD STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT...

I WISH I COULD STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT my husband will be out of work by next week. Billy works as a carpenter, so when one job is almost finished up he's never quite sure when the next one will start. We have two little girls with another on the way. What I make as an Avon Lady is not even close to enough to pay the rent. With only three months left before the new baby comes it's really getting hard to tie on my SILK NECK SCARF everyday and head out on my route with my suitcase of samples. As I'm driving away from yet another farmhouse where I haven't made a sale, I just push on, saying the words "MOVING RIGHT ALONG" cheerfully to myself. "Surely Mrs. So-and-So will need something today!" Some days it's so hot and tiring that I just want to quit and stay home with my babies. Thank goodness that Mama watches them for me. I'm embarrassed just thinking about what I did yesterday. I was leaving the Larson's, the last house on my route, so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open. I needed something to keep me awake for the drive home but didn't want to spend an extra dime in case Billy gets laid off on Friday. Well, there I am, walking back to my car when I spot a big wad of pink BUBBLE GUM STUCK TO THE SIDEWALK. I bent over, picked it up and popped tht already chewed gum right into my mouth. It did the trick. Kept me awake, but, ew-yuck, never again! During my MORNING PRAYERS I'm going to make sure and pray that Billy's job doesn't end again. I think it's okay to pray for ourselves in a situation like this. It's for the babies. In the faith section of my DAILY GUIDEPOSTS, I'll write "A Good Solid Job For Billy" in. Well, that's settled. I'm going to try and get some sleep now.


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Very good.... You get an A

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