Friday, February 29, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Cugat: The Record of a Happy Marriage

"Mr. Cugat was a little older than Mrs. Cugat, so that there had been a period of several years during which he, full-fledged and out in the world, sportively tried his wings while she pounded the playing fields of Westover."
Written by Isabel Scott Rorick. First published in 1940 ~

This was an enjoyable book. Quite the little comedy that takes us through some very comical times in the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Cugat. The chapters are each named for a part of the wedding vows, the first chapter being called "...forsaking all others..." In this chapter the newlyweds are invited to a party because Mr. Cugat's ex-girlfriend will be there and would love to see him. Mrs. Cugats jealousy overtakes her (as it should!) and the story reads reminiscent of a I Love Lucy episode. The book was fun and quick, but not one that I will read over again. This edition did have some very cute illustrations to go along with the story.


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