Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blood Brothers

Nora Roberts trilogys are one of my pleasures, so I was excited when I ran across Blood Brothers in the store around Christmas time. This is the first of the Sign of Seven Trilogy and I really enjoyed it. I was a little apprehensive going in because I didn't even finish the last book in the Circle trilogy, thinking that it was way to far-fetched for me. I was completely pleased with Blood Brothers and think that Nora Roberts is back on her romance/paranormal mark.
Our story begins with:
'Hawkins Hollow
Maryland Province
It crawled along the air that hung heavy as wet wool over the glade. Through the snakes of fog that slid silent over the ground, it's hate crept. It came for him through the heat-smothered night.'

As you see, the story starts off in 1652 Maryland, in a place called Hawkins Hollow, with an evil prescence battling good. Flash forward to 1987 ~ three young boys, best friends and celebrating their 10th birthday (all three born 7/7/77), take a forbidden trip into the woods to camp and turn 10 next to the Pagan Stone. The boys decide to become blood brothers at the witching hour of midnight and unknownly let loose an evil upon the town of Hawkins Hollow. What was to be a fun camping night turns into a nightmare. When the boys, Cal, Fox and Gage, get back to town they find many things changed. The evil that has been released returns to the the town every 7 years, on the 7th month, 7th day and wreaks havoc for 7 days before disappearing again. The townspeople go mad, beatings, rapes and murders take place, but when the 7days are over, the memories seem to fade. It is now the year that the "boys" will be turning 31, and the 7 is coming only stronger and more powerful this time. A reporter and author, Quinn Black, has come to town to research the 7 for a book she plans to write, but quickly becomes personally involved with the evil prescense and with Cal Hawkins. Two other women, Layla and Cybil have come to town and also can see and hear this evil prescence where others cannot. Why are these women, these outsiders, part of the circle? What part could they possibly play in the history of Hawkins Hollow?
I really enjoyed this book and can't wait for the second book, The Hollow, to come out in May.
Two thumbs up!


Blogger Mary said...


I'm glad you enjoyed this book. I used to read Roberts, but quit a few years ago. I'm not much into thrillers. I enjoy reading a lot of history based fiction. I just read Steel's Echoes and found it very good. I'm not reading another of her books, but it's definitely not as good as Echoes.

Glad we are reading buddies. I always enjoy reading about books that you've read.

Blessings for a great weekend.

9:53 AM  
Blogger Mary said...


I just read a couple of Black History books in 2007, but great idea for February.


2:51 AM  

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