Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mount Vernon Love Story

"March 4, 1797
11:45 A.M.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
It was a windswept, raw March morning and the city looked bleak and dreary as it shivered under the overcast sky. But the man who stood at the window of his study in the large house on Market Street didn't hear the rattling of the wind against the panes or even feel the persistant draft that penetrated between the window frame and sill. He was staring unseeingly into the street."
First paragraph of Mount Vernon Love Story by Mary Higgins Clark

I read this as my 8th book for the Back To History reading challenge and really enjoyed it. This was Mary Higgins Clarks first book, written long before her fame as a murder mystery writer and published afterwards. It is written very well, really gave me so much more information on this first family then I was ever aware of and reads like a good story.
Two thumbs up!


Blogger Mary said...


I loved this book and as you know I've read it because you passed it on to me. I'm so glad you enjoyed Washington's Lady. I loved that book.

I must post my list. I read a lot more than 12 but I didn't stick to my original list either. A good post for this week sometime.

Take care, my friend. I have your book for the Christmas book swap all ready to mail. I just haven't made it to the post office.


7:45 PM  

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